6. Analytics & Assessment


There is no preparation for this session. Instead use this opportunity to work on your Course Integration Project.

Session Summary

During this session, participants will discuss what do Lynda.com analytics tell us about our students learning? This discussion will include recognizing the difficultly of determining what students are learning by watching videos. Therefore, we will bring up the role of additional materials that can be used to assess student learning such as quizzes, projects, etc.

In addition to this discussion, participants will learn where to access video reports through Lynda.com. To assist determining which reports contain the statistics being sought, here are text and and graphical representations of the reports the facilitator believes are most important:

Text Explanations of Lynda.com Reports
Lynda.com Reports Diagram


1) Course Integration Projects

Starting thinking about your plan for assessing your students in your Course Integration Project (if you intend to make this a component of the project).

Additionally, you are welcome to add more Lynda.com CIP projects to this form.

The more you contribute to this database, the more examples and ideas other instructors will have access to.

2) Lynda.com FLC Evaluations

Please complete the following form to provide feedback about this training and your facilitator:

Lynda.com FLC Evaluations

Support Materials

Excel Training - Manipulating Lynda.com Report Spreadsheets