4. Curriculum Development & Lynda.com




Watch the above introduction to the SAMR model. During this session, we will study an educational model that pertains to technology in the classroom. The SAMR model offers a great framework when thinking about the role of Lynda.com videos in the classroom.

The contents of this video will aid in the discussion and activities of this session.

Session Summary

Thus far, this FLC has mostly focused on establishing foundational knowledge of the technical processes behind curating and using Lynda.com videos in the classroom. During this session, the cohort will begin discussing the role Lynda.com resources play in curriculum development.

Participants will engage with the SAMR model as they start thinking about how Lynda.com will impact their curriculum. Initially, the cohort will consider SAMR in terms of any and all pieces of curriculum. Together, participants will assign the different levels of the SAMR model to sample curriculums as well as provide examples of curriculum for each level.

Additionally, participants will consider where Lynda.com videos fit in the SAMR model and how each level of SAMR can be used when developing curriculum that includes Lynda.com content. Discussion of SAMR and Lynda.com will also include topics such as active learning and flipped classroom support in conjunction with classroom activities that are at every level of SAMR.

At the conclusion of this session, participants will have considered how the tool, Lynda.com, changes the nature of a course.


Ruben Puentedura on Applying the SAMR Model
Sample SAMR Ladder

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