3. Building Support Materials


Read the following (short) resource on learning objectives:

Learning objectives and instructional goals will be referred to interchangeably during this FLC.

 Session Summary

Now that Playlist Curation and User Management & Assignments have been covered, this session will be dedicated to the technical process of integrating a Lynda.com playlist into the curriculum of a course.

The first thing to consider before developing a Lynda.com playlist is the instructional goal of the playlist. This initial step will help determine where Lynda.com content fits into a course’s curriculum. During this session, the cohort will discuss what makes an effective instructional goal and how it relates to a video playlist.

Next, the cohort will spend time developing personal checklists for Lynda.com integration into their courses. These checklists aim to give every participant an opportunity to build a relevant tool to guide their use of Lynda.com after the conclusion of this FLC. From these individual checklists, the cohort will collaboratively produce a summative checklist to encompass the entire technical process of developing Lynda.com playlists.

At the conclusion of this session, each participant will have a foundational understanding of the technical aspects of curating Lynda.com playlists. The cohort will continue to refine their knowledge of operating Lynda.com while considering the pedagogy associated with using video playlists in the coming sessions.


Once you have finished your personal checklist to guide creating Lynda.com playlists, compare your specific checklist with the following general Five-step Lynda.com Playlist Curation Outline.

 Support Materials

How to create playlist guide
How to add users to group guide
How to acquire Student OUNetIDs from D2L
Lynda.com Playlist Curation Outline