2. User Management & Assignments


Complete the following steps:

  1. Make sure you have requested to be a Lynda.com User Manager. You will need access to this functionality to participate in this session.
  2. Review the PDF guide for how to add users to group.
  3. Download a copy of the bulk import template for Lynda.com.

Session Summary

Once each participant becomes a Group/User manager for Lynda.com, they gain access to user management features on Lynda.com. This functionality allows instructors to create groups of students and assign specific playlists to these various groups, and differentiate instructional materials by courses, degree programs, or even individual students.

As part of this training, participants will walk-through the process of adding users separately or together using spreadsheet bulk uploading. However, in order to take advantage of bulk uploading, instructors must obtain the OUNetIDs of every student they intend to include in a Lynda.com group. Since this process is fundamental in the workflow to assign Lynda.com materials, the FLC instructor will demonstrate how to acquire student OUNetIDs from D2L course pages. Additionally, the video in the assignments section below has been created to show the process.

At this point, participants will be able to start assigning playlists of videos to groups of campus personnel. Although Lynda.com assignments appear when users login to the service, the communication of these materials can be accomplished through multiple channels such as D2L, a course website, or email via playlist links.



Using the assigned video and content that was covered during the session, create a group for one of your classes and add your students to this group. After you have completed this task, you will be able to assign students Lynda.com playlists.

Support Materials

How to add users to group guide
Bulk Import Template
Lynda.com Apps & Guides