1. Playlist Curation


Complete the following (Time required ~ 30 minutes):

  1. Request to be a Lynda.com User Manager
  2. Sign in to Lynda.ou.edu
  3. Watch the Introduction to Lynda.com Playlist Curation

Session Summary

To start this FLC, the cohort will consider the goals they wish to achieve by the end of this training. The facilitator will use this opportunity to outline the plan for this course and, considering the goals of the participants, prepare the group to move forward with the Lynda.com Course Integration FLC.

The cohort will begin exploring lynda.ou.edu to become more familiar with the website and the content available to students, faculty and staff. During this time, each participant will learn the process of curating Lynda.com content and work towards building playlists to support their students. Learning the Lynda.com playlist curation workflow, from setting an instructional goal for a playlist to integrating it into course materials, will serve as foundational knowledge for the remainder of the FLC.

Submit Lynda.com Playlist Curated During this Session

In addition to these technical skills, the cohort will explore best practices of building a playlist and discuss the pedagogical aspects of using Lynda.com content in the classroom. This discussion will lead the cohort from the topic of playlist curation to next session, involving user management and assignments.


Watch this Video Playlist

There are many other components of Lynda.com beyond what can be covered in this single session. To become more familiar with this tool, click the above button to watch the playlist of videos that aim to introduce various elements of Lynda.com, such as:

Support Materials

How to create playlist guide
Lynda.com YouTube Channel
Example playlists currently in use (by the FLC facilitator)
Looking for videos related to other course content (such as math and chemistry)?
Looking for videos over specialized content that you cannot find?